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I am going to be honest here, beets are one of the last vegetables I learned to enjoy as an adult. My dislike began when I was child and I would look at them and think they were giant cranberry treats…I naturally bit into one and you can imagine my disappointment as they are certainly not the same thing. As the years went by I never thought to try them again after my traumatic experience, however it wasn’t until the recent health buzz surrounding weight loss smoothies that I decided to give them a go as they seemed to be everywhere and anywhere. Now I don’t know how I’ve lasted so long without them! They add so much goodness to my morning smoothies, not to mention they make my juice look more vibrant in colour – before my smoothies would end up with a strange dull brown/green tint…not so attractive! We’ve added extra kale to this smoothie to increase its goodness, if you’re not fan of kale you can opt to leave it out but you will be missing out on all the amazing nutrients associated with this green veg as it is widely known to be one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet packed with heaps of antioxidants and minerals and vitamins.

So for a weight loss smoothie bursting with goodness, try our take on this Berry Beet Treat!


1/3 cup chopped roasted beets

1 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen

Juice from 1 lime

¾ cups of water

2 cups of kale leaves

1/3 cup plain 0% fat and sugar free yogurt

Artificial sweetener to taste


Add all the ingredients into the blender until smooth and drink up!

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