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Four lunch ideas

Check out these four lunch ideas, really easy to prepare and tasty to boot. We can often place too much emphasis on breakfast and our evening meal, giving scant attention or focus to our lunch. Often eaten on the go, lunch is seen as a smash and grab – quick and effortless.

These four lunch ideas meet half way in that they are relatively quick to prepare and cook. Our key rcommendation is not to rush lunch. It’s critical to take at least 30 minutes to eat your lunch – this is satiety and this is when satiety becomes even more crucial.

The term ‘satiety’ refers to the feeling of fullness and the suppression of hunger, which will influence how soon you eat again and how much you eat. Rush you lunch and you’ll feel hungry mid-afternoon.

Four Lunch Ideas

  1. Summer Chickpea Salad
  2. Classic BLT with a Twist
  3. Chicken Noodle Soup
  4. Salmon and Broccoli Pasta
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