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5 Healthy Drink Recipes

You can’t go wrong with plain water. But we know sometimes it can be difficult to drink all the time. We have come up with some great healthy drink recipes to give a kick to your standard dinner table jug of water.

Homemade flavoured waters are generally good for you providing additional nutrients from the fruits we need. However shop bought flavoured waters are not necessarily the same. Don’t be fooled by the marketing slogans and hype or you might end up with a brand of flavoured water with a bunch of hidden sugars and carbohydrates that can be just as unhealthy as any other sugar filled drink on the stand. If you are unsure of any specific drinks bring the label into your weight loss adviser and they can help explain in further detail.

It’s the perfect time to try out these refreshing drink recipes and choose your favourites, to help you stay on track with your weight loss over the summer months!

4 Healthy Drink Recipes

1. Minty cucumber and lime

– 1 cucumber, sliced

– 2 limes, sliced

– 5 fresh mint leaves with stalks (we leave the stalks on to keep the mint leaf out of the glass)

2. Strawberry – Lemon with Basil

– 1 punnet of strawberries

– 2 lemon sliced

– 1-2 fresh basil leaves with stalk

3. Pineapple – Orange with Ginger

– ½ pineapple sliced

– 2 oranges

– 1 -2 tbsps freshly – grated ginger

4. Watermelon Mint Or Orange Mint

– ¼ of a watermelon OR 2 oranges sliced

– 4-5 fresh mint leaves with stalks


– Choose which recipe you are making and gather all ingredients.

– Place the fruit and herbs in the bottom of the water jug and muddle with a wooden spoon

– Fill the jug with water either still or sparkling.

– For best results leave overnight in the fridge and in the morning your delicious and fruity healthy drink recipes will be ready to enjoy.

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