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Serves: 7 - 8

Sustained weight loss comes down to finding a set of processes that work, then repeating those processes over and over so they become habits.  Enjoyable habits that keep you looking good, feeling good and put an end to the effort associated with dieting.

For weight loss to be enjoyed, not endured, I recommend you find nine to ten healthy dinner recipes that are easy to prepare, have great flavour and can be rotated day by day. Making two dinners is stressful and wastes precious time, so find dishes that everyone likes, can be frozen and provide optimum nutrition for the whole family. This tuna dish is a great staple as it takes only twenty minutes from start to finish, and works well accompanied by salad or vegetables. I have included celery, scallions and peppers in the recipe, but it works just as well with other vegetables, whatever you have in the fridge or freezer. Sometimes the kids enjoy sweetcorn and peas better, so alter to their taste if preferable (just bear in mind the higher carbohydrate content of root veg).

The tuna is great for weight loss as it’s full of protein power. Protein is vital for the healthy functioning of cells, tissues and organs, while also boosting the metabolism and providing energy. Tuna is also low in fat, saturated fat and calories. The oatmeal is highly effective for lowering blood pressure and contains cholesterol reducing soluble fibre.

Celery is a storehouse of amazing health benefits, not to mention that one stalk contains only 10 calories so great for weight loss. The high water content, combined with insoluble fibre make it great for constipation and the pthalides can lower stress hormones in the blood helping to keep blood pressure down. These pthalides also stimulate the secretion of bile juices which work to reduce cholesterol levels. Celery help in the elimination of uric acid as it has diuretic properties (stimulate urination). Therefore it is useful for those with bladder or kidney problems like cystitis or urinary tract infections, and can alleviate the pain of gout or inflamed joints. The notable presence of vitamin C prevents free radical damage and boosts the immune system.

Peppers can boost health and weight loss, especially red peppers which contain the highest amount of vitamin C. Bell peppers are an excellent source of vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids) and vitamin B6. Garlic gives amazing flavour and is known to help prevent illnesses like colds and flus.


4 x 6oz tins of tuna in brine drained (185g per tin)

½ cup of oatmeal

3 eggs beaten

1 stalk of celery chopped

1 cup bell peppers chopped up small

1 clove of garlic crushed

2-3 scallions chopped

Optional = 1 tablespoon relish or Cajun spice for extra flavour


Place all ingredients in a large bowl and stir together.

Warm up pan with 1 cal spray.

Mould into cake shapes.

Place in pan and fry on each side for 5 minutes

Serve with a large green salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar

Serves 7-8.


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