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The Problem Isn't Slipping Up

The problem isn’t slipping up.

The problem is thinking if you can’t do something perfectly, you shouldn’t do it at all.

The key is to strive for progress not perfection. Perfectionism causes stress, anxiety and worst of all guilt. It is the most self-destructive emotion because of the unrealistic demands it makes you put on yourself. Life is not perfect and neither are you. Accept setbacks, learn from them and move on.

Getting to grips with perfectionism takes time, so set aside a few minutes to both broaden and deepen your understanding of what is actually happening. Once you have a deeper understanding you will be able to move forward with confidence to tackle your weight, once and for all.

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It is extremely rare to meet someone that hasn’t slipped up, no matter what walk of life or profession they are in. The problem isn’t slipping up – it’s developing the ability to accept and learn from setbacks and to move on.

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