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Overnight Oats With Summer Fruits

Meal Info

Serves: 1

Vegetarian: Yes

Vegan: Yes

Food Plan Info

Dairy: 1/2

Carbohydrate: 1

Fruit: 1

Overnight oats with summer fruits are one of my go-to summer breakfasts, they are very filling and full of flavour if you use fruit in-season. This recipe is dairy free but feel free to use cows milk and yoghurt if you prefer, just make sure to choose non-fat options. You can also replace the fruit with whatever you have on hand. Just make sure to stick to the serving sizes in your Food Plan Booklet.


  • 20g of steel cut jumbo porridge oats
  • 100ml coconut milk fat milk (e.g. Alpro fresh coconut milk)
  • 100g coconut yoghurt (e.g. Alpro Simply Coconut yoghurt)
  • 40g Blueberries
  • 30g raspberries
  • 40g strawberries
  • ½ tsp stevia


  1. They could not be easier to make, simply layer the oats, milk, yoghurt and fruit in a jar. Sprinkle with the stevia and cover.
  2. Leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning stir and enjoy!

Click here to download a copy of the Overnight Oats With Summer Fruits recipe.

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