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Motivation Vegan Recipes

Here is the current list of Motivation vegan recipes. We add new recipes every week so this list will continue to grow.

Vegan recipes available on the Motivation APP

Crispy Kale chips

Grilled Tofu Chickpea salad

Jacket potato with homemade baked beans

Savoury chickpea pancakes

Spiced tofu ratatouille

Tofu quiche

Vegan recipe available on the Motivation website

– Roasted Masala chickpeas

Watermelon pizza

 – Tofu quiche

– Savoury Chickpea pancakes

Vegan recipes available in our Deliciously Healthy Recipe Book

Healthy Green Smoothie pg. 18

Smokey Beans on toast pg. 26

Chickpea cakes pg. 42

Broccoli & courgette soup pg. 58 (no milk) *

Carrot & Lentil soup pg. 60 (use vegan stock cube instead of chicken) *

Light Gazpacho pg. 66

Indian Chickpea & Veg soup pg. 68

Minestrone pg. 70

Red Pepper & beetroot pg. 72 (no yoghurt or soya yoghurt) *

Roasted red & Tomato Soup pg. 74

Whole bean & Kale soup pg. 76

Spicy lentil curry pg. 108

Vegetarian bean burgers pg. 114

Vegetarian black bean chilli pg. 116

Vegetarian Bolognese pg. 118

Roasted Garlic & lemon broccoli pg. 122

Mediterranean salad pg. 128

Glazed courgette pg. 136

Asian style stir fried green beans pg. 140

Apple compote pg. 144 (use soya yoghurt) *

Strawberry ice-cream pg. 146 (use soya yoghurt) *

Mango sorbet pg. 148

Carrot cupcake pg. 150 (use soya milk) *

Vanilla poached pears pg. 152

* The recipes marked with an asterisk can easily be converted to a vegan option by replacing one ingredient.

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