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Motivation Weight loss Transformation pexels tirachard kumtanomWeight Loss Motivation
December 7, 2022

Role Of Motivation In Weight Loss

We wanted to share a discovery today.Motivation is the key when it comes to weight loss or weight management. On certain days we feel perfectly motivated and not at all…
Motivation Weight loss Transformation Pexels Max AvansWeight Loss Motivation
November 16, 2022

The Truth About Carbs

Are Processed Carbs the Reason for the  Obesity Epidemic?We're told to steer clear of simple carbs (like sugar), yet so many of the foods  on supermarket shelves are pumped full…
Motivation Weight loss Transformation Sharon MccutcheonNews & EducationWeight Loss Motivation
November 9, 2022

The Truth About Sugar

We now know that sugar - if it is not burnt off quickly as a source of energy - is metabolised in the  liver and turned into fat. In terms…
Motivation Weight loss TransformationNews & EducationWeight Loss Motivation
October 19, 2022

4 Steps To Banish Emotional Eating

Turning to food for comfort — either consciously or unconsciously — when stressed, anxious, bored or upset is a long-standing habit. If we stop and think about it, we’ll tend to…


Motivation Weight loss Transformation anna tarazevichMotivation Assist Podcast
March 31, 2022

Don’t let breast cancer stop you going after your dreams

For this month's podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline, a client of our Swords Clinic and a wonderful example of how a positive mental attitude can benefit us,…
I am not my pastMotivation Assist Podcast
March 4, 2022

Meet your consultant – Frances!     Wow, what a huge hit Marion was last week.  So many views, so many likes and such amazing comments.  Thank you guys so much for recognising how…
Valentine’s Day PodcastMotivation Assist Podcast
February 14, 2022

Motivation Weight Management Valentine’s Day Podcast

Hi, everybody. Welcome to our special Valentines podcast.   I was hoping to pin down my lovely husband, Paul, to do this podcast, but unfortunately he's unavailable busy running…
Motivation Weight loss Transformation aisling-coverMotivation Assist Podcast
January 27, 2022

Set new goals for 2022 – Jan podcast

Hi, everybody and happy new year. I'm inviting you to reflect over the last year and think about what worked for you and didn't work for you, be that with…

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