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Don't let breast cancer take away your motivation - Motivation Weight Management PodcastHealthy Mind Healthy BodyMotivate Me
March 31, 2022

Don’t let breast cancer stop you going after your dreams

For this month's podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline, a client of our Swords Clinic and a wonderful example of how a positive mental attitude can benefit us,…
Fat Loss Vs Weight LossUncategorized
January 4, 2022

Fat Loss V Weight Loss

What an emotional story we have for you in the latest podcast. Elaine, who did an incredible job losing 3 stone, 4 pounds. She was close to having to get…
What you now know makes a huge difference to you and your weight management journey.Motivate MeUncategorized
July 14, 2021

What You Now Know Makes A Huge Difference

Every year I enjoy watching a little bit of Wimbledon. By and large, it's a happy TV experience: the crowds (albeit reduced), the sunshine (mostly), and the excitement (always). Wimbledon…
avoid weight gain after bariatric surgeryTop Tips
June 15, 2021

How to Avoid Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery

Here at Motivation, how to avoid weight gain after bariatric surgery is an emotive topic. Why? Despite the hopes and dreams, weight gain can reoccur after bariatric surgery. The weight…


How To Come Off Type 2 Diabetes MedicationMotivation Assist Podcast
July 21, 2021

How To Come Off Type 2 Diabetes Medication

In Ireland, there is not a lot of published information on how weight loss can directly and positively help type 2 diabetes patients to reduce of come off type 2…
adolescent relationships with parents.Motivation Assist Podcast
June 29, 2021

Adolescent Relationships With Parents

Welcome to the third podcast in our Connecting the Dots series. Adolescent Relationships With Parents is today's title and I'm delighted to be joined again by Stuart Wilson of Zest…
Understanding Risk Taking & Peer Pressure in AdolescentsMotivation Assist Podcast
June 25, 2021

Understanding Risk Taking & Peer Pressure in Adolescents

Welcome to the second episode of Connecting the Dots, a three-part podcast series that aims to help parents and their adolescent / teenage children to understand and address some of…
Why Adolescents Are OvereatingMotivation Assist Podcast
June 23, 2021

Why Adolescents Are Overeating – Body Image, Self Esteem, Social Media

This podcast series, Connecting the Dots, is about awareness and trying to find out why adolescents are overeating in the first place. We find that there are three main reasons…

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