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Are Irish Men Healthy

Are Irish Men Healthy? The Truth….. There’s no doubt that men can get a bad deal when it comes to

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The term ‘beer belly’ is a common throwaway term usually associated with men that consume more than the average amount

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Gettting a Good Nights Sleep The recommended amount hours for getting a good nights sleep for an adult is seven

Paul Carney meets the love of his life after losing an astonishing 16 Stone

An Irish man who once weighed more than 28 stone has found love after shifting more than half his body

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Sligo man and Ocean FM Presenter – Kevin Blessing – feels like a new man!  The presenter of the morning Breakfast Club

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Michael’s life was busy to say the least. He worked and played hard, giving his body a few knocks in

Frank’s Weight Loss Success Story

Wexford man Frank Cullen (52) had been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for 10 years and was on medication for