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How to overcome the 12 mental blocks that can sabotage diets

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to lose weight? Or why, if you do lose a lot of

YOUR Summer Body

As we reach the height of the summer season, you might have noticed a lot of bloggers and blogs talking

Lose the Scales

It’s time to lose the weighing scales ‘The scales are the most negative instrument on earth’ claim may seem extreme,

5 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss

5 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss Tip 1:  IT’S YOUR CHOICE Dr Larocque says “If you really want to change,

Tips For a Good Nights Sleep

Gettting a Good Nights Sleep The recommended amount hours for getting a good nights sleep for an adult is seven

Mental and Physical Jogging

Mental and Physical Jogging Mental and Physical Jogging: If there’s one sure thing in life, practising these two activities on

3 reasons why you can’t stop eating – the psychology of weight gain explained

The next time you reach for a sugary chocolate bar or a salty packet of crisps ask yourself this question